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April 23, 2019

Next course begins April 23, 2019

Global Trade in Practice is an 4-week boot camp facilitated by Salama International and Bellevue University. These face-to-face professional development courses will enable you to develop an in-depth understanding of global trade functions, regulations, market research, international banking, international logistics, and contracts.

Global Trade in Practice Boot Camp may be a catalyst for increasing sales, as the training sessions focus on the following:

  • Effective sales, operational tools, and information that lead to increased sales
  • Robust problem prevention and solution practices that lead to greater profitability

Upon completion of the boot camp courses, you'll be well-prepared to:

  • Confidently lead international product teams
  • Manage international operations
  • Comprehend the complexities of global trade, including inherent risks you will encounter on a daily basis

Save the Date: Next course begins April 23, 2019

You will become a more effective leader, employee, team member, manager, and/or service provider in international business and global trade.